The Importance of Being an Unemployed Graduate


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You have found the open doors to a most crucial moment in your life; the phase of the Unemployed Graduate. You might look at the previous statement with derision and suspicion, but I still lead you true and the answer remains, yes, you are in a very important moment of your life.

As an Unemployed Graduate you contain the most precious resources the world has to offer: time, knowledge and youth.

Time is on your side as you relax before the ultimate storm of maturity hits. Maybe you know the initial road you will take or, like most, you may still be trying to figure it out which  job, which company, which city, which country, which world you want to belong to.

Knowledge is also your possession. Fresh out of university you contain the basic understandings of how the world truly works. You contain the necessary quantity of awareness that makes you naive but not stupid.

And lastly, youth. We revel in how quickly we grow up, but you are still young. Good and bad decisions are still a part of your natural being, therefore embrace it as you will learn. Leverage your small collection of birthdays to sit with pride at the ones that follow.

As an Unemployed Graduate, you need to heed these resources and begin to understand yourself as you stare down the barrel of inevitable maturity. These words are a call out for you to not forcibly reduce the brief window between graduation and employment; create experiences that will make grow and help you to understand you. Read, travel, invest, draw, paint, dare, laugh, shout and exercise your true self. Don’t wake up at fifty and wish you had taken more time to understand why you were put on this Earth.

Now, the criteria of participation within this illustrious group (of Unemployed Graduates) does not necessarily pertain to being Unemployed or to having Graduated. We can all strive to learn a bit more, create a bit more, to dare a bit more, to be a bit more. People from all walks of life deserve to be part of the Unemployed Graduate revolution, just like all people can rekindle the imagination of childhood or gain wisdom with an inexperienced mind.

Come on this journey with me and together we can learn, experience and share together. So the next person, after us can see that there is true pride in being an Unemployed Graduate

“You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure… Let us use this power! Let us all Unite!” – Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator, 1946

Let’s not waste anymore time.

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