Top 5 Must Watch Movies for an UG

Having a decent movie/film list in the 21st Century is like going to a fancy restaurant and understanding the wine list. My fellow Unemployed Graduates, your film and movie culture has to be on point. Films have over taken books in free time activities, so not to be a culture ostrich (head deep in the sand), you have got to know your movies.

But don’t worry, the Unemployed Graduate has got your back. Yes, I have sacrificed my time to watch kick butt movies so you know what to watch and what to recommend to look super cool; plus you’ll have fun doing it. So grab a blanket, get comfy, it’s time to discover the Unemployed Graduate Top 5 Movie List.

5. Mr Nobody – Jaco Van Dormeal


The Unemployed Graduate loves a good psychological drama/thriller, where you don’t understand your head from your butt until the end, when you piece everything together. Mr Nobody is a great film to watch with friends as it has a bit of everything; Sci-fi, Fantasy, Drama, Romance and even a little comedy. The film is a bit long but certainly worth the wait until the end. Mr Nobody is a film that not many know about so definitely pull it out when you end up in a movie-pissing contest.

Similar films: Memento, Inception, The Game, Get Out, The Butterfly Effect

4. Inglorious Basterds – Quentin Tarantino.



When people talk about Quentin Tarantino they will spew out Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs (or even Django) to seem cool, hip and into cult films. Hell no! The Unemployed Graduate’s favourite Tarantino pic is Inglorious Basterds. It’s dialogue is second to none and it is a trip to history lane where a really cool plot unfolds about Nazis, Americans, Spies, 3 fingers and a Christoph Waltz character’s monologue that within the first 5 minutes of the film, guaranteed him the Oscar.

Similar Films: Pulp Fiction, Django, The Departed

3. Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead – Edgar Wright


Yes, okay there are two films there, but damn they are good. Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost can team up to make one hell of a comedy. I love English comedy as it is subtle and uses more of a play on words that outrageous stunts (even though both films do touch the ludicrous at times). Edgar Write is a master story teller that writes a fairly simple comedies (nothing fancy), but he executes them so well. Then we have to talk about Simon Pegg, the Unemployed Graduates favourite actor. This man is a genius, if you haven’t heard and is guaranteed going to give you a good laugh. Watch them both and you’ll definitely tickle your funny bone.

Similar Films: Baby Driver, Nice Guys

2. The Dark Knight – Christopher Nolan


Any movie list can’t go without Christopher Nolan. I love this movie as it is dark and true. The Dark Knight takes you on a rollercoaster ride that Disney wishes it could pull off (both theme park and production house). In this film, which is very mainstream but really worth it, we see the best (in my opinion) pieces of acting brilliance from Heath Ledger. It is incredible how he was able to make a character so fundamentally evil, so likeable, it is literally scary. The Dark Knight is another multi thematic film on this list with action, drama, love, anger and thrilling suspense.

Similar Films: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, Logan, The Prestige

1.  The Boat that Rocked – Richard Curtis


Number one. The Boat that Rocked is the Unemployed Graduates favourite movie for so many reasons. The heart warming nature of the film is constructed around the soundtrack of the film. An top class cast really make this funny British comedy binge-able every day of the week.  Also the Unemployed Graduate is launching a challenge: in this movie, there is, what I would describe, as the best scene that depicts friendship in movie history, can you find out which one it is?

PS: Philip Seymour Hoffman is simply sublime in this movie.

Similar Films: Sing Street, Almost Famous, School of Rock, Tenacious D

And there you have it my Unemployed Graduates. Start watching as you will love them all. I know most of them are mainstream, but sometimes there is a reason why the whole world goes bonkers for these films.

Leave your comments, let me know what you think of the movies. Which are your favourite? Any movies to recommend?


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