Definition of Success: the Spheres of Life

Hello my fellow Unemployed Graduates,

Today we are talking about my personal definition of success. To some it may seem very obvious, to others complete BS and hopefully the rest can take something from this theory and think… Just think and reflect, I am not asking you to change your life. The Unemployed Graduate wants to say straight away that I am not forcing anything on anyone, nor am I saying this is the right and only way. Let’s get started.

My theory resides in spheres (categories). In life, we can generalise our daily motion into different spheres; for example, family, friends, education, work, dating, career, health, travel, etc. For each of these we pose a certain importance; we can choose which spheres we want to prioritise. For example, someone that has just finished studying a master’s degree might place a higher importance on the sphere that surrounds work and career, while education and dating might take a back seat.


Now, being multi-dimensional creatures, it is natural to want a poly spherical life; having a life rich and filled with different things that we retain important. And the Unemployed Graduate implores the importance of caring about many things in life; so to avoid all your eggs in one sphere (see what I did there?).

Everyone is unique and will prioritise different spheres; which are mainly based on ambitions, goals and sentiments of the current stage of their life. As time rolls forwards and experiences gained we tend to mutate the spheres to accommodate new understandings of life.

But now, you may be asking: what has this to do with success?

Well,  my definition of success resides in the balance between the spheres that we perceive as important and essential. 

I believe that true success isn’t achieved only in one section of life. You can have all the money in the world or become the CEO of Apple, but if you drove away friends, family, health and the other things that you retain important, then true success and happiness isn’t gained. The key word is balance.

‘But, Unemployed Graduate, I am only going to be successful when I’m 60!’

No, my good friend, much sooner. True success can be achieved at any point in your life. Reaching the pinnacle of your goals is not the meeting point of life success. You have to go through the process of achieving your goals and you can be successful every step of the way.

Example: You identify as your main goal to be a doctor, have great friends you can count on, have an amazing partner and be super fit. But now, you are a med-student, making new friends, dating interesting people and cutting down on the ramen noodles and joined a gym. This is success. In the example the person has identified the important spheres and is working towards the ultimate goal. All spheres, although not at the goal yet, are on the same level and a balance has been created.

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If we take the example above and create an imbalance; all is the same but you don’t put time aside to date, then you will feel unsuccessful and maybe lonely (if the dating sphere is important to you). Or, if you want the amazing body, but you hate going to the gym, another imbalance is created in the ideal image of you.

I believe that the many people struggle to meet their goals because they identify singular success and don’t take into consideration the effects on their existing spheres. We see this often when people say they want to join the gym, but don’t consider how much time it is going to cut out of their work, relaxation, hobbies, friends etc.

In conclusion, my fellow Unemployed Graduates, I believe success is a balance of all the things we retain as important. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, as long as you are working towards your ambition and you feel your spheres in life are satisfied, you are successful.

Try reflect a little bit what you think your spheres are and see if your goals are congruent and balanced to what you want to achieve. Great!

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