Res, non Verba: Actions Not Words

Hello my fellow UGs,

Lifestyle of an Unemployed Graduate #1: RES, NON VERBA.

Actions, not words.

As an Unemployed Graduate, you thrive on doing. Words are a mere vibration through the air, only designed so that others can comprehend your actions. 

People would think you lazy, time wasting and procrastinating; after all they see an Unemployed Graduate and they look at the meanings of those words, but they don’t see the significance of your actions.

An UG is lazy, Yes, to sit around talking and not doing.

An UG has time to waste, Yes, but wastes it on trying, failing and learning.

An UG has procrastinates, Yes, but it is an active procrastination that priorities what is important and leaves the rest for a simpler time.

Are you a doer or a talker?