REJECTION: we stand to learn even more than what we lost

Ah rejection, we hate you so much, but we stand to learn even more than what we lost.

I made a promise to you that I was going to share my experiences as an Unemployed Graduate as they happened and as of now (10pm, Wednesday night), I just got my first major rejection letter.

Yes, I have been rejected. It’s not the first time, nor it will be the last.

I applied for a training program at a very prestigious company in a field that I have always wanted to work in: advertising.

As most of you know, I am particularly fond of creativity and I really believed that I was going to be able to break the mould; meaning, I was going to be a logical creative that works at a well known advertising agency. Not saying that I was going to be the first, but I was prepared to be the voice diffusing the fact that everyone has the capability of being creative; even the analytical minded.

But, I got rejected

And that is part of life, that is part of the whole Unemployed Graduate journey.

This post is going to be different. I am not going to make you read another motivating theory. No, I am going to let you read rejection and see how I deal with it.

Initial thought of rejection

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To start off, here is my initial thoughts of rejection:

It friggin sucks. It feels horrible.

But that’s fine, I accept that its part of the game, but I acknowledge my negative feelings.

I am a big proponent of embracing the suckiness of the situation, so by no means am I going to suppress it.

When you feel sad, you must feel sad, it’s what the body needs.

Mission, Vision and Values

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I know I have to keep true to my vision, mission and values and no matter what happens I will be fine. Rejection is a mere speed bump in the way through my journey (and I say this as a person that doesn’t believe in fate). As long as I keep working towards my goal I want to achieve, it doesn’t matter how many rejection letters I get, I will win in the end.

Accepting the things I cannot control

I also try and accept the things that I cannot control. Getting rejected is a big part of that and there are many components of uncontrollable things. Maybe the other candidates were really good and I need to understand that and give my mental congratulations to them.

Accept the things you cannot control and try and find the things you can so you can do better next time.

Make them regret it.


Finally, It may not be the most mature thought in the world, but for me it is true; whenever I get rejected, I keep myself motivated by thinking that one day the rejectors are going to regret their decision. I know what I’m worth.

I know what you’re worth. If you’re reading this right now, you have the desire to get better, to be better and to strive through whatever comes your way.

So embrace the suckiness of rejection, because we stand to learn even more than what we lost.




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