We’re expanding to YouTube!

Hello all my beautiful Unemployed Graduates,

Yes, the time has come that I put my Unemployed Face in front of a camera and try and explain these theories and experiences.

The most frequent feedback that I received about this website is that the readers enjoy the content, but often don’t like reading (lazy buggers).

But that is ok, I am going to try and suite everyone’s tastes.

All the videos on the YouTube channel will be made from articles that have already appeared on the website. I still want this website to be the main home of the Unemployed Graduate, therefore, most (or all) content will be first published here.

The YouTube channel is another medium through which I can divulge these ideas that pop into my head. I hope you enjoy both forms.

Earlier posts will be Updated with videos as I upload them to the channel:

The Importance of being an Unemployed Graduate



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