3 Best Drinking Games to be the life of the Party |


Welcome to the Unemployed Graduate.

As an Unemployed Graduate we need to be the life of the party. I am going to be sharing my expertise as a party hostel staff member to show you the 3 best games I use to entertain guests from all around the world!

Today we are looking at the top 3 party games to play in any occasion. This video is going to explain exactly how you can become the life of the party.

Now the games I am presenting to you are not the traditional drinking games: beer pong, drinking jenga, flip cup and stack cup are not included.

The games I am going to tell you are:

  • My Penis/Vagina is …
  • Paranoia drinking game
  • DJ Cluedo They are easy games to liven up any party.

These games can be played with or without alcohol.

Connect with me:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_unemplo…

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unemployedgra10


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