10 Easy Ways to Save Money | Video

The New Year has come and with it many New Years resolutions; so I am diving in to the subject of the most common resolution, Saving Money.

Yes, Money!

It’s debatable if money brings you happiness, but what is not debatable is the fact that we all need some of it.

Saving Money can be simple, yet at times tricky. Often we are giving up things that we commonly desire, but we do it to ensure the fact that we have some sort of security in our life.

Putting money aside is a responsible thing to do. So I am going to share 10 easy ways to save money in 2019

  1. Learn to Budget your money: Google docs is a free service that is really easy to input your earnings and deduct your costs
  2. Learn to cook (on average eating out or ordering costs 325% more than cook food yourself)
  3. Go grocery shopping, but be smart
    1. Make a list
    2. Use grocery cards points systems
    3. Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry
  4. Limit the times you eat out with friends
  5. Smart transport (Ride a bike or walk)
    •  Most cities or large towns have systems in which you can buy bike passes and hire a bike for an allotted amount of time
    • Average american 9000 dollars a year on transport
  6. Pay for stuff you actually use
    • Cell phone plan. If you’re paying for 10gb internet and you only use 2 then find a better deal.
    • Split your netflix costs
    • Check your subscriptions on your credit cards to app stores and cut out the stuff you don’t need. 
  7. Offer your services
    • If you have any particular skills, then offer them to others so to gain favours or discounts.
  8. Don’t give into unhealthy habits
    • 1 pack of cigarettes a day means your smoking 2011 dollars a year
    • In New York a smoker on average spends 5000.
  9. Minimalism (sell your shit)
    • We all have stuff in the house that we don’t ever use. Maybe
  10. Cut out the gym


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