The Unemployed Graduate is all about free thinking. It is a blog with ideas that pass through the skulls of the readers and myself everyday. We can all leverage this time and have fun doing it.

I, an Unemployed Graduate, am going to do my best to accompany you on this journey as we leverage this time to make you a kick butt human being. Read my thoughts, ideas, favourite movie reviews, see what books I recommend (fiction and non-fiction) and also what skills I have learnt so that I can give you that upper hand.

My vision is for this website to become the home for all people in transition periods and a place where you don’t have to feel alone.

The Unemployed Graduate is a community and it thrives on your participation. Send in ideas, thoughts, concerns, book reviews, movie reviews, what skills you think are necessary in today’s world or anything that you deem important and this will be the platform in which other unemployed graduates can learn.

My name is Damiano and I just want to let you know that this site is not about me, it is about us! The social media accounts take you to my personal LinkedIn and Instagram, feel free to follow, like, share, comment or send me messages. To know a little more about me contact me through this site or my social medias, as it will not be posted on the blog.