Recommended Sites

It is the Unemployed Graduates proud pleasure to recommend some truly awesome sites for you to visit. Some of the websites are affiliated with the Unemployed Graduate, but the UG only goes in business with people that are truly awe-inspiring.

Vittorio Morletto

A lot of the photos in the Unemployed Graduate are done by this amazing photographer; his photos have won national (Italy) Competitions, so definitely worth a visit to his website. Vittorio has a true talent for spotting beautiful things that make you want to visit the great outdoors. Visit his page to view more amazing photos.


13 Sedicesimi (13/16)

Have you ever wanted to organise your life with ease, style and a personalised product? Well, 13 Sedicesimi is an Italian Brand that makes handmade, personalised journals and notebooks for an incredibly competitive price; plus, all journals and notebooks are made with eco-friendly materials. Choose your name, logo and put in a personalised photo in your journal. The Unemployed Graduate never goes anywhere with out his 13/16 journal. So get yours today.

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