Complete Guide to succeed in New Years Resolutions   Welcome to the complete guide of kicking new year resolution ass! New Year Resolutions are often given up my most people, not because they don't want to better their lives, but simply because they dont know how to succeed in new years resolutions. The video above explains everything from the definition of a [...]


Managing your Expectations | Dealing with disappointment | 2 Minute Video

Managing your Expectations | Dealing with disappointment |  2 Minute Video Dear Unemployed graduates Today's quick advice videos concerns one of the best tips for new graduates. We are taking about lowering your expectations. Managing your expectations is key to dealing with disappointment, it also reduces anxiety and stress. Having healthy expectations means you have to do 2 things: 1) you need to know how [...]

Logical Creativity | Creativity Belongs to everyone | 5 Minute Video In the traditional definition of creativity, logical thinking is not included, in fact there is a clear separation between logical and creativity thinking. This is where a logic vs creativity mindset is created. In the Unemployed Graduate definition; creativity is make ideas that grant value to others. This video is a simple demonstration to [...]

Moving to a New City Alone? 5 Simple tips. 3 Minute Video So you’re moving to a new city. This is an incredibly exciting time. Meeting new people, making new friends, discovering a new culture and language and eating delicious foreign foods are the benefits of moving to a new city. But, if this is your first time, then it can become a bit overwhelming. Where [...]

Making Manchester United Great Again

Making Manchester United Great Again   Does the Unemployed Graduate have what it takes to become the New manager of Manchester United? The video above is a parody about how naive, young and unemployed people try and shoot for the stars. I take it upon myself to apply for the manager position at Manchester United FC. As Unemployed Graduates [...]

REJECTION: we stand to learn even more than what we lost

REJECTION: we stand to learn even more than what we lost

Ah rejection, we hate you so much, but we stand to learn even more than what we lost. I made a promise to you that I was going to share my experiences as an Unemployed Graduate as they happened and as of now (10pm, Wednesday night), I just got my first major rejection letter. Yes, [...]

Low Expectations mean you kick butt

Low Expectations mean you kick butt

Here we go again, another Unemployed Graduate theory coming your way! Today we are talking about Low Expectations and High Standards. Applications of the theory: Any event that creates a specific expectation; interviews, exams, projects, tests, games etc. What you have to do: Think, reflect and judge if this theory applies to you. Also grab [...]